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Planning Essentials -
7 Tips for Long Term Planning

STAY THE COURSE: The stock market will rise and fall many times over the coming years, but on balance, the long-term trend has always been higher. By creating a thoughtful financial plan and leveraging guardrails to help you stick with it, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving long-term investment success.

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Planning Essentials -
Asset Allocation

Portfolio structure and patience are much more likely to help you reach your financial goals than security selection, market timing or attempting to beat an index.

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Planning Essentials -
Value of Trusted Advice

When it comes to investing it's of utmost importance for us to work towards rational and reasonable behavior.

A recent study conducted by Vanguard found that while 55% of the value associated with financial advice was “functional” (i.e., creating a financial plan, building and managing an investment portfolio, rebalancing and other planning services), nearly half (45%) of the value was derived from helping to manage the investor’s emotions.

Cognitive biases aren’t something that other people suffer from - we all do.

Through the simple act of recognizing and understanding these biases, you can make tremendous strides towards overcoming them. Awareness alone, however, won’t eliminate them. Constant vigilance, expert guidance and adherence to a formalized financial plan will be needed.



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