Our Firm

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With over 79 years combined experience and a team approach, we focus in providing integrated, personalized solutions to help affluent business owners, professionals, and retirees develop and implement sophisticated estate, business succession, retirement and financial plans1.


Our Mission

To create a level of efficiency in our clients planning that can be accomplished through the coordinated efforts of a knowledgeable team of professionals. We will strive to accomplish this by offering each client an integrated comprehensive approach to the financial planning1 process.

Vision Statement

To cultivate a long-term relationship with each client and become their most trusted resource. We plan to accomplish this by developing a complete understanding of each client's financial concerns and doing all we can to help bring them peace of mind in their financial planning1 efforts.

Guiding Principals

  • Our most valuable asset will always be the trust and confidence of our clients.
  • Personal integrity, confidentiality, continuing education, and superb attention to detail will help us to cultivate this trust and confidence.
  • A consistent planning and servicing process will set client expectations and help ensure a comprehensive analysis.



  • Income for the Long Run

    A longevity annuity can bring some stability to a retirement strategy by providing a steady income late in life.

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